About Us

Alright so yes this is another sports blog createdby some fans that have nothing better to do than set around and argue, discuss, and make up stuff about sports. But i promise this to be a fun blog and hopefully a little but insightful. I do not how ever promise that all statements will be accurate, fair, funny, or make sense. Louisville Cardinals Fans….. see already with things that just don’t make sense. We do love all things Kentucky  and will bring you news, analysts, opinions and probablystuff that other people wrote.   We are all life long UK fans, we remember when we would cheer for a first down in football louder than most would for a touchdown (and lets face it, at a time a UK first down was more impressive), we remember 1992 and the tears, we also remember 1998 and the 17 point comeback, we are fans of the baseball team going from last to first, we are fans of midnight hockey games at the Ice Center, and we are fans of Tom Leach, Mike Pratt, and Dick Gabriel.  WE ARE UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY FANS.  And this site, is for the BIG BLUE NATION!

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