Posted by: Shorty | December 19, 2008

Vacation is over…..

I never went on vacation but i figured that was a good enough excuse for not posting this week.  So here is what we missed.

Billy Clyde took a trip to Bristol and made his rounds on ESPN.  I wish they could have come up with better questions than ones about Dr. pepper and cavities.  But it was nice PR for UK and BCG.

We face the mighty App State this week.  This is a team that runs and like to play fast (vmi); I think it will be a good test to see how far we handle another team like one that upset us earlier this year.

I’m sick of hearing UK “fans” talking about how bad our team sucks this year.  GO PUT ON SOME RED AND GO TO LOUISVILLE!!!!  First we are a young inexperienced team. The only way to fix that is  play more games. Second we are still in a transition phase of a new coach.  we have guys recruited by Tubby to play a diff rent style than BCG.  This team does not suck, is not terrible, is not bad; in fact I think we are starting to come around and becoming a great basketball team (not final four or elite eight great but great).  You know the frustrating part is all you crappy stupid UK doubter fans will take credit when we finally accomplish something. I can hear it now: dumb fan- “I told you man, I told you we were great. I never doubted, I’m True Blue.”  go take a hike. DUKE, UNC, UofL deserve the flip flop retarded fans like you.  You have no sense of loyalty!  So from this point on rupps rants has a zero tolerance rule for phoney idiotic UK fans.  I will call you out and never let you forget that you gave up your bragging rights when we win big again.  We have only lost three games, two to ranked opponents, one to the best team of this last decade (yeah i said it).  So shut up and go find out how to be a real fan.  Thank you

this is Shorty

Check You Later


  1. you go Shorty….tell em like it is …and should be, blue to the bone!!!

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