Posted by: Shorty | December 12, 2008

Ky Bisons drop opener.


Well I have to say one thing, I was actually impressed with the quality of the game.  Now don’t get me wrong it wasn’t a NBA game; probably not even a good UK game but for small town amateur basketball I was pleased.  I did not get to see the Wayne Turner/Brandon Stockton match up I was hoping for due to an injury to Mr. Stockton.  I did get to say what up to Michael James and watch him hassle the entire Miners team.  Mike James was all over the court tonight, although he did have a bit of an off night shooting, his defense, hustle, and ability to distribute the ball made him very valuable.

The Bisons ending up losing its first ever home game by 8. I believe the score was 102 94 but I don’t remember…sorry.  They did show a lot of heart and grit battling back from 10 point deficit three times in the second half.   One thing I love about it being small is the fact you can hear the players yelling on the court.  I will give you my top three moments in a minute but the honorable mentions are…..

The ref yelling at the Miners coach to “set down, I’m the one calling this game.”

Thad Key yelling a long list of curse words that never worked its self into actually being a complete sentence.

Now the top three moments…

3) Lamar Owen yelling after being taken out of the game in the fourth qaurter ” What the …. Can’t nobody out there stop me!  I told you I was going to take over in the fourth quater. Taken me out the game. What the …..” ( to his defense he had just pulled in 3 rebounds 2 steals and 7 points in a matter of about 1 minute)

2) Lamar Owen yelling after being taken out of the game later in the fourth quarter. (while looking at the owner of the Bisons on the side line, team down by 6 with 1:30 left)  “It’s your coaching staff! Ask them, you hired them. This is ridiculous!”

1) Otis Key (former Harlem Globetrotter) the head coach of the Bisons yelling during second quarter timeout.  Now to be honest I don’t remember what was said at first, but there was no music playing and the entire center could him ripping his guys. The music came quickly after that and was loudest during timeouts from that moment on.  My favorite part though was his advice on rebounding…. “Someone freaking rebound, Push someone, push them down every time.  #21(other team)  hasn’t even broke a sweat yet. Somebody hit someone!” 

Over all take on the game, it was winnable.  The team has a few studs but to many that think they are.  Watching Lamar Owen take over for that brief period reminded me of high school.  Thad Key, Boris Siakam are beast.  Aubrey White, Jamie Jackson, Michael James are major factors for them to win.  Lamar Owen, Kenny Jones, and Jamar Avant are physical players that provided a major spark of the bench.  The one thing I can say about this game was when they played as a team they dominated.  The problem was 80% of the time when they did work as a team the same 2-3 players ended up scoring, whats the problem with that?  These players  then consentantly tried to become a one man show (Owen).  If they can control there ego’s for an entire game I think they will have an awesome year.   And Head coach Otis coached in jeans and a polo….NICE.

Next game,  Sunday versus Knoxville @ Owensboro SportsCenter. We beat this team 126-87 last Sunday, so should be fun to watch.

Editors note: check out the weird but kinda cool ABA basketball rules.  Makes the game a little more interesting I guess.

Check you later


  1. Very entertaining ball game. Bison’s have some talent on the team. Owen plays hard and fast, but his head is way too big. Good to see Wayne Turner again. Stockton helped with the water boy duties most of the night. Overall a fun, entertaining night in the Boro.

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