Posted by: Shorty | December 11, 2008

’92,’92,’92….. who gives a crap!?!?


So I’m sick and tired of a lot of things and I think its about to start spewing out onto this blog.  So first and foremost I just want to share a great post from Matt who? Matt Jones over at KSR.  Below I copied just a little bit but check out his top ten UK rivals.   Now back to me.  I’m tired of hearing crap from Duke fans about our fallen basketball program.  First of all who gives a crap.  You know what, when UCLA was in a slump in the mid 90’s- early 2000’s; did we talk crap? Nope, because we don’t care about UCLA. They do not intimidate us, they do not cause me to lose sleep if they win or lose, they do not cross my mind unless ESPN brings them up.  But for you little dukies out there you constantly bring ’92 and talk smack about our pragram. Why?  If your such an elite program and we are nothing anymore why do we bother you so much that you need  to talk trash.  And you see the ’92 shtick is getting old, thbut well I guess at’s all you have.  You could bring up national titles….but we have more.  You could bring up all-time wins……but we have more.  You could bring up NCAA tourney appearance…..but we have more.  How about NCAA tourney wins…..nope still have more.  I know, what about conference titles…..haha try again.  What about the all time record of Uk vs Duke…… 12-8 CATS.  I got it…….1992! …… What about 1998 (but we like to forget about the best choke job in NCAA tourney history, don’t we)?

I think I have said enough, but I would like to leave you with the thoughts of Matt Jones.

(3) Duke: Now if we are just talking sheer, unadulterated hate, Duke is #1. I cant stand Duke with a passion that is unmatched in any other arena. But a lot of that is personal, having spent three years dealing with Duke fans, nearly every one of which I wanted to personally lock in a room with an angry Jeff Snedegar. But rationally, I recognize that we only play Duke like once every five years and there is no reason to hold them in the regard of the top two. But seriously, can there be anything more objectionable than the Blue Devils? Coach K is as obnoxious as he can be (and once yelled at my girlfriend after she wrecked her car into him….the best thing she ever did btw) and the Cameron Crazies have such a large dork quotient that Vandy fans kick sand on their shoes as they walk by. But nothing is worse than the players. From Hurley to Collins to Wojo to Redick to Paulus to Scheyer to every floor slapping, no heart-having, mama cuts your steak playing dude to wear those evil colors, no one is cool when they come from Duke. I truly cannot tolerate them. I think Patrick Patterson said it best, when he commented after making his decision for UK that when it came to the players at Duke, “I just wasn’t feeling those guys.” D*** right Pat!

PS- Just in case you dukies forgot about 1998 and your 18 point cough up here is a reminder….

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