Posted by: Shorty | December 10, 2008

Which Conference is the Best in all of Football


Its time my friends for Nate and Shorty’s ultimate college football tourney.  As posted before Nate and I decided to end the argument over which conference was the best in the NCAA.  The rules were simple, take each conference and play them against another conference.  How did we do that, I’m glad you asked.  We took the standings and pitted the number 1 from one conference against the number 1 of another. then 2vs 3vs3 and so on and so forth.  The 1-4 games were worth 3 points, teams 5-8 worth 2 and 9-12 worth 1.  He Nate and I were split on a game then we split the points, its that easy.  Hope you understand. 

In the first round we have the Big 12 v Big Easy, the SEC v PAC 10 and Big 10 v ACC.  There is a wild-card for the team that scores the most points out of the eliminated schools. Here we go!

Big 12 v Big Easy(since the Big Easy only has 8 teams, teams 9-12 of the Big 12 wont play)

RANK   BEasy  B12     Winner   Points

8)     UofL vs  Colo.       Colo.      2 Big 12

7)    Syr  vs   Kansas    (Syr= sucky football)KANSAS    2 Big 12

6)    South Fla  vs Neb   Nate says Neb I say Sfla        1 Big 12,  1 Big E

5)    UConn vs  OkSt       Ok St (uconn on there way)     2  Big 12

4)   WVU  vs    Miss       Miss (to much Off)       3 Big 12

3)   Pitt vs Tx Tech       TxT           3 Big 12

2)   Rut.  vs    Texas     Tx          3 Big 12

1)  Cincy vs   OU       OU          3 Big 12

So moving on to the next round with a score of 19-1, the Big 12.  The Big 12 is just to physical and has to much offense for the Big East.  Now I believe that the bottom four teams could put up a better fight for the Big East, but no team can match up with the Big 12’s top four.  These games end with a lot of scores in the upper 40’s to 60 point range. 

Tomorrow we will have both the SEC/Pac 10 match up as well as the Big 10/ACC.  

Feel free to argue our picks but be aware, I’m always right. SHORTY

Check you Later

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