Posted by: Shorty | December 10, 2008

Round one!


Well I decided to go ahead and post the SEC/Pac 10 match up; so here you go.

ranks       SEC vs Pac 10      winner     points

10)   ARK vs  Wash                 Ark            1 sec

9)     UK vs  Wash St               UK              1 sec

8)    UT  vs   UCLA                 UCLA          2 pac 10

7)   LSU vs  Stanf                 LSU                 2 sec

6)  USCar vs   Ariz St        USC                    2 sec

5)  Vandy vs  Ariz          split (I took Arz)    1 sec, 1 pac 10

4)  Miss  vs  Cal               Miss (hot right now)    3 sec

3) UGA vs  OrgSU        UGA                             3 sec

2)  Uf  vs  Or                  UF(unstoppable)     3 sec

1)  Ala vs  USC            ALA                               3 sec

The SEC squeaks by with a 19-3 victory.  Again like the Big 12 the offense is just to fast and the defense is just way to big and physical for the PAC 10. 

Now tomorrow I will have the last round one game and the final four.

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