Posted by: Nate | December 10, 2008

Nate Doggs BCS rant!!!

Whats going on? Its time for the long awaited arrival of……me, Nate d-o-double g.

I, along with many other college football fans, am sick and tired of the BCS; This year is no different.  First of all Va Tech started Saturday ranked 25th, Cincy 13th and by the end of the weekend, thanks to the BCS’s stupid conference ties, these teams automatically ascended ahead of top 10 teams.  This is absolutely ridiculous!  These teams will play in the BCS bowls while Boise St (12-0) and Texas Tech (11-1) are left out.  The regular season means absolutely nothing in this system and conference ties eliminate some of the teams which have earned this berth. (editors note: Texas Tech has a better record and has spent more weeks ranked higher than Ohio Sucks! but we cant have three schools from the same conference can we?!?!) 

In the following weeks, using there rankings, we will have a mock BCS playoff.  Hope you enjoy……. oh yeah GO CATS!!!!

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