Posted by: Shorty | December 10, 2008

ABA basketball!!! BACK IN KENTUCKY!!!

I’m not trying to copy our favorite website, they posted something about it yesterday, but I have to comment about KY’s newest basketball team.  The Kentucky Bisons are stampeding through the bluegrass (cheesy i know SHUT UP!).  They destroyed Knoxville on Sat and have a home game tomorrow against the coalminers.  I will be attending this game (Nate and I live in Owensboro)  and will have a wrap up of the game when I get home.  




I encourage everyone to pull for the Bisons.  I went to school with Lamar Owens and Mike James (whom I beat in a two on two game when we were like 12); I think this will actually be a very entertaining extra to watch along with UK this season. 

So good luck Bisons

Shorty’s quick pick- Bisons 117 Coalminers 90 ( I know zero about either team; only Bisons dropped like 123 on SAT)

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