Posted by: Shorty | December 2, 2008

Quick thoughts of Shorty

What up world this is shorty back from the land of the sick.

As i reported on Friday Lane Kiffin is your new UT football coach.  I’m very intrigued by this choice. On the surface it has many ups and down. One he is young with very little head coaching exp. but he did coach in the NFL and im convinced that he failed because of one Al Davis more than his own lack of ability.  He is looking at bringing in an amazing coaching staff, it is scary when your assistants bring more to the table then some head coaches (papa Kiffin, Orgeron).

Time to hang another banner….well not like the 7 we have now but UK took home there first season tourney since 1996 (hard to believe). I didn’t get to watch Friday’s game and sat. all i have to say is we looked feisty in the second half. I think if we can play like that we will win a few games and prolly see a fight or two this year.

Read about all the recruiting news and stats and crap that bryan posted.  And sorry about the delay on the football tourney post.  Nate and I are in the process of updating some things to it and will have it posted soon.

Well a month left until i officially start my 23rd annual Shorty for Time magazine Person of the Year campaign.  I’m tired of only spreading my greatness to those in the bluegrass state.  Its time to radiate my awesomeness to the WORLD!!!!!!!!!

check you later-SHORTY


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