Posted by: Brian | December 2, 2008

A Case of the Tuesdays…

Football Notes

Well it turns out that Randall Cobb is in fact going to have anthroscopic knee surgery to repair damaged cartilage.  Normally, I would be devastated by this news, but since Mike Porter Hartline got to see some action (during what I guess you would call a football game) on Saturday.  Plus, today it was reported that Hartline would most likely be given the reigns for our (pending) bowl game.

Side note:  Is anybody else extremely anxious to see the QB battle next year between Newton and Mossakowski?  IT’S A WIN WIN SITUATION!

Round-Ball Notes

It turns out that the Blue and White were too much of a long-shot for ’09 SF Solomon Hill****.  Hill announced that he will attend USC next season.  Hill chose USC over Georgetown and UK.  This is a common theme as UK also lost out on a talented longe range threat in ’09 SG Noel Johnson****.  Johnson (6’6″, 185lbs.) has NBA range and a pure stroke.  This isn’t heartbreaking though as UK was an outsider looking in on both of these.  Yet, with a guy like Billy Clyde you never know what he can pull off (i.e. Patrick Patterson from Duke/Florida in under 5 minutes).  In his short tenure, BCG also almost roped in #1 SG Scotty Hopson*****, (it was between UK and the Orange Pearlies), and #3 SF Chris Singleton*****, (UK and Florida $tate).  Imagine if these two had made a better decision…at that time Liggins***** and Miller**** were already on the board…(and aside from the extreme level of testosterone that would flare in the locker room) this would have been a brilliant class.  Sorry, let pull my head from out of the clouds.  With all that said, BCG still is the master of damage control.  With no disrespect, he goes out and brings in a JUCO PG, (who averaged 7 or 8 assists for his JUCO team who led the junior college nation in scoring two straight seasons), and a JUCO Center, (who all the recruiting nation were drooling over because of his frame/skill set/and upside).  Not bad Billy, not bad at all…

Here are a couple of stats I looked up while at work…

Jodie Meeks

7th in the nation in scoring (25.5ppg), 6th in overall Free Throw Shooting (88%), 26th in Field Goals Made (FG 44.2%)

Perry Stevenson

45th in blocks (2.3bpg)

Kentucky Team Stats

16th in Team Field Goal Percentage (50.3%)

89th in Rebounds (38.8rpg)

91st in Scoring (75.2ppg)

The Numbers Don’t Lie…Kentucky has taken 58 less field goal attempts thru their first 6 games. At 50.3 % from the field, that equates to 29 more FG made…In terms of 2pt buckets, that’s another 58 pts UK misses out on, which is almost another 10ppg that the Cats could use.  The reason UK has 58 fewer shot attempts…anybody?….is because of the pre-buttered rolls Jared Carter brings from O’Charley’s and gives to the guys, THUS causing slippery fingers and 138 turnovers……in 6 games….

Just thought I’d throw that out there…later – B


  1. IU will take UK to the cleaners saturday

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