Posted by: Brian | November 30, 2008

Puke and rally!

I’m glad I didn’t have the time to post “Why Fulmer would be leaving Knoxville in tears.” There were many factors that caused this outcome…Tennessee was playing with a lot of emotion and drive in a great environment…Joker (and Brooks) are intent on not running an effective offense (what happened to the triple-option?  It’s not conventional, but IF IT AIN’T BROKE DON’T FIX IT!) Plus, it seems from time-to-time that they think that Andre Woodson is still under center…GUYS HE’S GONE!  I understand that the receiving corp is young and has trouble running routs, but if you don’t take a shot or two down field, then the outcome is the defense shoving eight in the box, thus making it impossible to run these counter-run plays and gimicky screen plays. 

Now, I have a cold beverage and forget about the past couple hours of football and begin to get excited about the Vegas Inv. championship game.

1st half = puke…

2nd half = RALLY!

It is obvious that when Mr. Harrellson, Mr. Liggins, and Mr. Miller get PT = development, confidence and production!  Now they will have mental errors (that is a given), but in these mistakes comes development.  Harrellson is still a bit slow with the hands at times and lost when blocking out, but his play in the first and second half was solid.

Another thing that sticks out to me…the more Liggins plays, the better he gets!  At this point I am willing to take a few errors due to his immaturity, especially with ability to pressure the ballhandler (with his long wingspan) and to make great heads up plays that others, (porter), can’t (i.e. lob over the defense to patterson around the 5 minute mark).

Darius Miller is determined to get Patterson the ball! And I love it!  Everytime he touches the ball he immediately looks for PPat.  Sometimes it gets him in trouble, but his recognition of what needs to be done is wonderful.  He basically has made it a point of emphasis that if no one else is gonna do it…THEN HE IS!

There is no other way to say this……PATTERSON NEEDS MORE TOUCHES….he was an absolute BEAST on the glass…but at times he got little reward.  Not much more you can say about it…PPAT GETS MORE TOUCHES = WE ARE A BETTER TEAM! PERIOD!

This was a gutty performance by our warriors in blue…

Also, until Stevenson and Harris wake up:  Patterson, Harrellson, Miller, Meeks, and Liggins are our starting lineup, (unless Billy G wants to spot everyone else on our schedule 10pts and 5 turnovers to start the game).  We shall see…

P.S. That was some bad officiating…in…Vegas…ohhh, I get it. Were any of officials related to Tim Donaghy?

See ya in a few…Bryan

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