Posted by: Shorty | November 28, 2008


Lane Kiffin is your new UT head football coach.  That my friends is not the scary part…… the scary part is the possibility that he could bring his pops with. Mr Monte Kiffin arguably the greatest defensive mind in football period.  This is scary for the SEC. When you consider that Lane is a good coach, no one will win in Oakland until Al Davis stops being..well Al Davis, and then you add in the fact the daddy Kiffin and master recruiter Ed Orgeron might be on ship could mean UT will not be far from there return to the elite level.

You can argue and disagree with me if you want, I don’t care your not me and that’s what make me awesome. I think this is terrific news if you are a UT fan and a nightmare for UK and the rest of the SEC.  On the plus it does prove why the SEC may be the toughest football conference in the nation.

Keep your eye on Knoxville it could be interesting for awhile.

quick picks- Uk 78 KSU 71/ UK 28 UT 13

The first round of the conference football tourney is being pushed back to tomorrow.

this is Shorty CHECK YOU LATER!

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