Posted by: Shorty | November 27, 2008

BCS??? Nope you got Nate and Lee ultimate football Tourney

Alright alright alright, here we go! So at the start of every college football season, and then argued until the beginning of the next, we here of the greatness of one football conference the weakness of another and far to often a conference getting way to much credit( Pac10, UCS anyone).  So while at work the other day (unless one of our boss’ is reading this then we were off the clock no where near work) Nate and I started one of our usual over analyzed sports conversations.  Which conference really is the best? Well I’m glad you asked.  For the next week we are going to break down the battle of the BCS conferences in an amazingly genius tournament.  Here’s how it works

We took all six BCS conferences and wrote down there conference standings as of Nov 23rd.  1-12,1-11,and 1-8 we then matched each conference up against another conference in a tournament bracket setting.  We have the SEC vs Pac10, The Big 12 vs Big EASY, and ACC vs Big 10.  The games are simple the number one team in each conference plays each other, 2vs2, 3vs3 ect…  We awarded a point value to each section of games; the first 4 games are worth 3 points the second 4 worth 2 and the last 4 worth 1.  From there we simply made our predictions on who would win, Take number Alabama vs number USC. We chose ALA because of the tough play ability to find ways to win, there is more but you see it when we post it.  So anyway we broke each game in each conference down down to a final four(there is a wild-card you will see) and then to a championship.  WE have figured out who is the best football conference in this the great United States of America and  will let you know in………. about seven days.

Check back later tomorrow as we post the first confrence match-up, BIG 12 vs BIG EASY.

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