Posted by: Shorty | November 25, 2008

Mr. Michael Hartline/ Porter

UK edition

 So as we, (the big blue nation) have struggled through a fairly decent yet hair pulling football season ( I predicted we would go 7-5 and back to Nashville but could easy be 10 and 1 come on guys we could have one every game except UF and if my memory serves me right we had a chance to win that one until sometime in the late fourth. DON’T JUDGE ME!) and through 4 (although I still dont count the first two) equally if not more painstaking basketball games; One common bond has come to my mind repeatedly……..

The obvious fact the Michael Porter and Michael Hartline are

  • A) brothers
  • B) The same person
  • C) someones evil joke to frustrate all that is Blue

So for the next few moments i would like to compare the brothers mike and see what the UK athletic department can learn from this bad episode of PUNKD. So let me go ahead and get the easy ones out of the way, They both play sports for the University of Kentucky, Second they are both named Michael (that’s my name as well so you know they have a little greatness in them). Now to the real stuff.  As Nate and I were watching the UK/UNC game last week a sudden feeling came over me. I knew i had felt it before it was the type of feeling  pain that you just don’t forget.  I tried to shake it, maybe it was the horrible start to a second basketball game, maybe it was the Chinese i had earlier, but then I realised it only occurred at certain moments.  So as I reflected to the past times I had the nauseating feeling, it hit me.  I turned to Nate and asked,”Is it just me or do you get the same nervous, scared crap-less sick feeling every time Porter touches as you do when Hartline takes a snap?”.  You see you try to give someone the benefit of the doubt and not to pass judgment but you can only take so much.  Both Mikes have a knowledge of there respective sports and both have the talent to play at the college level, but I see 1) a lack of confidence which produce poor production which produces lack of confidence, you get the point. 2) Fundamental breakdown, they both know the game off the court/field but something happens when they play. I don’t know if this is nerves or what but they consistently make the same mistakes. 3) poor speed, you play in the SEC in any sport you need speed sorry boys. 4) more downside then up. I hate to say this but they consistently turn the ball over or produce no offense, Porter so far 10 TO to 10 Asst.  and many blown lay ups/ Hartline 7 ints to 8 TD’s no pass play thrown further than 10 yards (might not be true but you understand).

No I’m not all about bashing our players. And I’ll support everyone of them but we need players who can take knowledge off the court and turn it into quality production on.  This is Shorty signing off

Check you Later!!

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