Posted by: Shorty | November 21, 2008

This Weekend

I just want to go on the record and say that i have no fear about our basketball season.  We stumbled out of the gates; but we have to many good players and I think to good of a coach for the losing to continue.   I personally refuse to acknowledge that the basketball season has even started so……

THE 2008-2009 KENTUCKY BASKETBALL SEASON IS ABOUT TO BEGIN!!!!                                         

So all the preseason games are out of the way we beat the baptist, played some military brats, and some ram school in North Carolina( I think they are #1 in the NAIA).  But tomorrow brings us the first game of the regular season as we play the mighty somethings from Delaware St.  Now after watching them take Ohio St to the wire (they only lost by 28) I think it will be a good test for this young wildcat team.   So I’m going out on the line and say we win

UK-91  Del St- 65

Check back later as i give you my thoughts on the national freeze tag tourney!!!!

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