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Give us a few weeks


Sorry for the lack of posting. We are making some changes and having some tech difficulties. we will be back up and running in a few weeks and better than ever.


Posted by: Shorty | December 24, 2008

Rondo spreading Christmas cheer.

And his popularity continues to rise!

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Merry Christmas

No news to report really.  I would find something to rant about but it’s Christmas.  So I wish all of Big Blue Nation a Merry Christmas…..

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Quick Blue Wishes

1) I rub the genie lamp and hope that Galloway starts…

2) I pray Harrellson will quit hiding BCG’s Dr. Peppers so he can get some playing time…

3) I wish that Jodie gets at least one shot off around his now enormous head…and that (of course) PPat gets more touches…and that Mr. Stewart shows us that Saturday wasn’t a fluke.

Dad’s score Guestimation:
UK 95 TennSt 63
Cya after the game…

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Vacation is over…..

I never went on vacation but i figured that was a good enough excuse for not posting this week.  So here is what we missed.

Billy Clyde took a trip to Bristol and made his rounds on ESPN.  I wish they could have come up with better questions than ones about Dr. pepper and cavities.  But it was nice PR for UK and BCG.

We face the mighty App State this week.  This is a team that runs and like to play fast (vmi); I think it will be a good test to see how far we handle another team like one that upset us earlier this year.

I’m sick of hearing UK “fans” talking about how bad our team sucks this year.  GO PUT ON SOME RED AND GO TO LOUISVILLE!!!!  First we are a young inexperienced team. The only way to fix that is  play more games. Second we are still in a transition phase of a new coach.  we have guys recruited by Tubby to play a diff rent style than BCG.  This team does not suck, is not terrible, is not bad; in fact I think we are starting to come around and becoming a great basketball team (not final four or elite eight great but great).  You know the frustrating part is all you crappy stupid UK doubter fans will take credit when we finally accomplish something. I can hear it now: dumb fan- “I told you man, I told you we were great. I never doubted, I’m True Blue.”  go take a hike. DUKE, UNC, UofL deserve the flip flop retarded fans like you.  You have no sense of loyalty!  So from this point on rupps rants has a zero tolerance rule for phoney idiotic UK fans.  I will call you out and never let you forget that you gave up your bragging rights when we win big again.  We have only lost three games, two to ranked opponents, one to the best team of this last decade (yeah i said it).  So shut up and go find out how to be a real fan.  Thank you

this is Shorty

Check You Later


First off, Tom Crean is doing an unbelieveable job for the Hoosiers right now.  Not only did he come right in and snag 13 scholarship players, (between the ’08 and ’09 classes), some of which being 6’7″ 215 pound SF Christian Watford****, PG Jordan Hulls****, SG Maurice Creek****, and a talented big man in PF Derek Elston****.  The recruiting is one thing…but the fire and heart his players are displaying is inspiring.  THESE BOYS FIGHT!  Don’t get me wrong, it ain’t pretty, but they fight.  From what I have seen, these players are taking to Crean’s system well.  Devon Dumes is looking like a diamond in the rough.  With a little more “Crean-polishing,” Dumes will become Indy’s Dominic James (strong statement, I know). 

With all that said…now it’s time to get banged up!

Billy Clyde, amongst all the controversy, is doing an unbelieveable job in Lexington.  Given not all fans understand the “methods to his madness,” but there is…trust me…there is.  Billy lives, breathes, and eats basketball.  PERIOD!  That’s not a statement…that’s a fact!  By 2010, Gillispie will have a ton of talent at his disposal.  Barring transfers and decommitments, the roster could read…Patterson (wishful thinking),Harrellson, Pilgrim, Orton*****, Ferguson*****, Liggins, Miller, Hood****, Vilarino***, and a developing KC Ross-Miller, just to name a few.  And it doesn’t stop there…BCG is also on the case for additional recruits: 

On the blue radar:

2009 recruits– SF Terrence Boyd****, JUCO SF Trenton Marshall****, C Kyryl “Criso” Natyazhko****, and SF Jamil Wilson****.  Also on the radar (but don’t get excited) SF Lance Stephenson*****, C Derrick Favors*****, PF Renardo Sidney*****, back on the market C DeMarcus Cousins*****.

2010 recruits-  SF Harrison Barnes*****, C Josh Smith*****, C Adreian Payne*****, PG Cory Joseph****, SG Stacey Poole****, and explosive SG Trae Golden**** (I want this guy, he is a true scorer).

Sorry, I digressed…now time to get banged up!

Today’s game will be ugly…guaranteed!  UK will have more talent, more size, and more experience.  IU will most likely play with more intensity than the boys in blue.  Gameplan = feed Patterson until he is full.  It is given that Crean will have one man front PP and another come over from the weak side block.  Still, Patterson will be a man amongst boys and will come away with 30 pts, 12 boards, and 4 blocks this game.  This is the entire focus of the game for me, (other than actually seeing Galloway catch some PT).  Hopefully, Mr. Harrellson will actually block someone out or make his presence felt inside, so that when he knocks down 3 shots in 3 minutes he won’t get pulled.  Lastly, (not be negative) I know Hartline Porter gives it 100% while on the floor, but I can’t get over how much better the team looks on the floor with Liggins at the point (barring turnovers).  (Statistical Example:  Versus Miami(FL) with Porter running the point = -20 point differential.  With Liggins running the point = +14 point differential.) As Bill Cosby would say,”the proof is in the pudding.”

Game Guestimation:

Kentucky 93, Indiana 79

I’m out…Bryan


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Well I’m off for a few hours….

….so enjoy the game as we beat down they Loosiers from up north.  Bryan should keep some things rolling on here for awhile and I’ll be back after the game.  Until then I leave you with one last picture, oh you poor poor fat lonely IU fan.  Just remember you always have football, hot cheerleaders, cell phones, McDonalds, Norte Dame football.


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Some Old Pics


Posted by: Brian | December 13, 2008

Rajon RonDoin’ it!


Rajon Rondo is rapidly making a name for himself as one of the most dynamic point guards in the League.  He puts a lot of pressure on the ballhandler, thus making tough for opposing guards to initiate their offensive sets, (this is a big cog in Boston’s defensive wheel, as it allows others be very aggresive in the passing lanes).

Last night New Orleans visited Boston at home for huge game, as Boston was looking to go 22-2 for the first time…….IN FRANCHISE HISTORY.  With Boston’s lineage…this says alot.  Coming into the game even the announcers couldn’t stop commenting on how “chippy” this game would be, especially at the guard spot.  First off, Chris Paul initiates alot of physical contact, yet I still thought that Rondo composed himself well, by not backing down and hedging everytime Paul went for his patented 3-option pick-and-roll. 

Stat Lines:

Paul– 20 pts (5/16 from the  field), 6 boards, 14 dimes, and 3 turnovers in 42 minutes.

Rondo– 10 pts (4/12 from the field), 6 boards, 2 dimes, and 2 turnovers in 32 minutes.

Most of Paul’s damage came while Eddie House was in the game.  Eddie played hard, but just couldn’t seem to get enough pressure on Paul.  Worry not though, Eddie made Paul pay multiple times on the offensive end, as Paul repeatedly went underneath screens and allowed House to knock down huge three after huge three.

The real topic is that many around the league believe that Rondo is a legitimate All-Star.  The announcers discussed this topic multiple times throughout the night, while also pointing out that Rajon got his first, (of many to come), career triple-double the week before.  Rondo is a student of the game with all the tools, (with the exception of a developing jumper), and teachers around him, (i.e. Garnett, Allen, Pierce, Coach Rivers), to reach his exceptionally high ceiling.

Keep it up Rajon, the blue nation is pullin’ for ya.

oh yeah, Paul Pierce dominated throughout…forgot to say that.

I’m out…Bryan

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We havnt seen this enough….or maybe we have…..

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